Website design

Creating an impressive website is crucial for a strong online presence. As one of the first points of contact with potential customers, your website should not only look fantastic but also be easy to navigate.

From integrating branding into your website design to ensuring functionality, we are equipped with all the essential knowledge to craft an outstanding website for your business and with more than 15 years of experience in web development here in Rarotonga.

We are ready to assist you in building and expanding your online presence to help grow your business. Located on the island, we are available to guide you in finding the best online solutions for your needs.

Our responsive websites are designed and coded with a mobile first friendly design using the Bootstrap boilerplate and we have extensive experience and knowledge of languages/flavours including MySQL, PHP, Perl, Java, Javascript, XML, HTML and CSS.

Content management website

Do you want to edit the text and images on your website when you want? We code wesbites with Perch, Laravel or Silverstripe CMS backend to allow you to make changes on demand.

Website CMS
Perch CMS content management

We don't use Wordpress - why ?

WordPress is essentially 'not fit for purpose' when used for most web content management. It originated as a blogging platform, designed for posting a chronological list of articles. While it has evolved to include more features, at its core, WordPress remains true to its blogging origins. This setup works well for sharing recipes and writing articles, but falls short when it comes to e-commerce, data privacy, business integration, and enterprise-level operations.

The delivery of web content has evolved significantly. Nowadays, content is more dynamic and accessible across various devices including computers, phones, and other gadgets.

Unlike modern web systems, WordPress lacks the layered approach that ensures frontend actions do not impact the backend, especially when it contains sensitive data.

One of the strengths and greatest weaknesses of WordPress lies in its extensive library of 'plugins' available on its website. While these plugins enhance the functionality of the WordPress blogging and content platform, the lack of standardized development processes leads to issues related to quality, stability, and security. The main complaint we hear from business owners on the island is that people have paid for a website that someone 'created' with a Wordpress template and most of it works.. its just the _______ ,(fill in the blank), that doesn't work eg. booking calendar. This is because the people creating these 'designs' are not website coders, they are simply buying templates and plugins and adding them to create a site. This leads to compatibility issues and you end up with a part functioning site that they don't have the knowledge to get working properly.

Why use us for the website?

  A local company based in the Cook Islands. When you are dealing with a technology company overseas and you've got a problem what do you do? Get on a plane? It's a small island so we have nowhere to hide!

  Need support, we are only a phone call away. Or call and arrange a meeting face to face.

  We have been operating in the Cook Islands for over 15 years and have worked with various local companies and Government SOEs.

  We have all the relevant skills and expertise in coding, so our sites are not templates.

Contact us and discuss your requirements on +682 53929

Website CMS
Wordpress failure

Website hosting

We offer a range of hosting plans with websites hosted offshore. We care about the environment, so our server space is powered entirely by renewable energy.

Basic Hosting

$135 NZ/pa

  • 1 email address
  • 500MB of storage
  • Email support
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Pro Hosting

$240 NZ/pa

  • Upto 10 email addresses
  • 1 addon domain
  • 2GB of storage
  • Email support
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SSL Addon

$195 NZ/pa

  • 1 dedicated IP address
  • SSL certificate
  • Free install/setup
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Powered entirely by renewable energy.

Powered by renewable energy

Database and applications

If you can't find the application you want, why not let us develop a custom app for you? We have created commercial software Windows and Linux software including Booking, Stock/Inventory, Database and Communication based applications.

Our software is totally bespoke and does not require other application DLLs to run and can be stand alone or network based.

We have coding experience and application development with many lanquages including C/C++/Java/PHP/Perl and Pure.

Contact us and discuss your requirements on +682 53929

App development
Application development